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Who Cares about what you say you do...Show Me!

"It Takes Money to Make Money"
author unknown but repeated worldwide

Are you a Pofessional Or What?
Oh I get it, you are handing out business Cards , leaving them in stores, giving them out to passersby at conventions but you do not have any presence on ine besides a youtube page and facebook or twitter. Real Cute for a beginner and someone who doesn't really want exposure and finance. A hint you may be a Wanna- Be Business Owner .

I know, I know , you can do all that yourself when you are ready and you already know how. I am sure you do know how to set up your online presence typically otherwise you would be at a million REAL friends right now. Seriously do you really believe that your favorite Rap Artist is actually tweeting his own stuff all day everyday all seasons... Yoo Hoo a Team operates that SHIP. And if you don't have one.. you are again a Wanna- Business owner !

If you don't believe that you need an arsenal of Content then you are not only an Official Wanna- Be Business Owner but you are completely unaware of the importance "CREATIVE CONTENT" HAS in relation to your branding and marketing efforts. AND LETS NOT FORGET THE the fact that some people still read about the artist they support through record sales. And that is a Flying yellow polka-dotted Tragic Shame!

Investing in a Creative Content Consultation is an essential must when attempting to catch the attention of mass Media Outlets which could skyrocket your career . Your Creative Content is your Resume and References , and it must be widely and easily accessible by these Decision Makers and Check Signers. That is if Your Business is Really your Career Dream! Do You really want to keep working that second job or is your music truly the job that you want?

If you are not a Wanna a Be and you are ready to amp up your image.
Then its seriously time for you to INVEST IN YOUR CREATIVE CONTENT CONSULTATIONS .
Most people will charge you 5 arms and 10 legs for the service I am here to offer you now. I don't play No Games and Greed is not one of my characteristics!

I am here to set up your cOMPLETE cREATIVE cONTENT pACKAGES partly because I Love What I do, I am an EXPERT WORDSMITH and I am tired of the Wanna-Be's Messing up the playing Field for the Real ENTREPRENUERS! Its time Atlanta got its integrity back. Image is Everything! Right?

Get This party started for $150.00
Truthfully if you cant invest $150.00 into your Marketing, chances are you will not be in business for long AND ONCE AGAIN YOU WILL BE DISPLAYING THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A WANNA-BE BUSINESS OWNER . . Honest and So True!

Lets talk about what your needs, market, dreams and goals are for your Brand and Get It Done NOW!
Call Ms. Jones
Creative Content Expert Consultant 404-600-4986
24/7 365 Operation

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