Wednesday, May 15, 2013

                            HEY NOW GOTEAMERS!

As long as we are talking about moving forward...

Lets review common connections within your community. How else do you form a bond with those who are like minded?

For instance, did you know that the woman down the street has been preparing taxes for her close personal friends for over 10 years?
but You drive across town, wasting gas, trusting a stranger who has no idea who you are, when you could be walking across the street.

OR DID you know that the neighbors next door have the Loudest "Herbal Essence" on the block because their cousin lives in Mendicino County and you Have to wait until after 9 pm until the Middle-man gets off work.

I'm just saying. Whatever you are lOOking for,  Check Your Own Backyard First!

Just keeping it real. the GoTeam Network Consists of local Businesses and Entertainers in areas which we have lived and who we formed a bond with and their friends friends friends friends...


alwaz available to join with you!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do it Like the Mexicans...

Why Don't Black Folk just DO IT LIKE THE MEXICANS?... Before everyone gets their boxers and thongs all up in a bunch, lets go over some common remarks, comments and condescending small talk heard quite often from black folks concerning Mexicans.

"Them Mexicans always got all the damn jobs"
"Its about 50 of them living in that house" 
"Watch someone pull up and they all run to the car"

Well, maybe because they have grasped a couple of Key concepts to Success.
    #2 Pennies add up to Dollars
       #3 Work Hard, Play Hard!

 I'm just saying Black FOLK!

Cases in point...
Lets just say  a black man is struggling to find work and has no money in his pocket.
He will wait 6 hours in the line at the Unemployment Office everyday.
Instead of getting out the bed at 4am ..Heading to the nearest HomeDepot or Lowes and wait 2 hours for a Contractor to come and pick him up for work or Heading to your Local Labor Ready.

 Why is that?

Next point...

Lets say the Mortage or rent depending on your financial status...is $1200.00 Monthly for a 4 bd House.
There are 3 people in your family. and everyone has their own room, which they are hardly ever able to enjoy because they are always working just to pay the rent. Now let me ask you this. Why not invite more people in, reduce the amount of rent each one owes, thus enabling each person to save, spend more on themselves, whatever?

And we wonder how many Mexicans  live in that Big Azz House with the Pool, The Garden, always having Parties and...


Now we know that most of the time its your family who are the worst roommates. So yeah some of us could never really make that happen. ( Its not our fault..Willie Lynch did that Shyt!)

So why not find another set of Compatible Individuals, who have similar lifestyles to your own, who are clean, smartworking, and Drama Free... Black, White, Preferably Mexican so they could teach us the Ropes...Just Joking , but not really:)
 That's exactly the GoTeam MM Experiment (Mimic the Mexicans) we are currently participating in.  I mean I can't possibly keep screaming GoTeam without Proving That My Team can GoTeam Fo' Real!

I'm just saying...try something different to achieve different results!

Go Team Alwazz...

exclusive space for exclusive GoTeamers...you!
email goteam@mail.com

Have we Been Living THEGOTEAMLIFE?

I' have been on A Lyrical Sabbatical from TheGoTeamLife and now I am back...

 Thank you for not abandoning The Ship!

I was sitting up here high as hell on some #RealNiggaShyt when I realized, I have been neglecting the GoTeamers for Making Love to a BBW. There is no excuse for this... I know, see what happened was, because, I am most passionate about the Topic of Love so I get carried away in the pursuit of It... Which brings us back to the topic at hand.

Have we Been Living THEGOTEAMLIFE?
Well I tell you what... I am still in pursuit of THE GoTeamDream and others in Pursuit of their GoTeamDreams so we can create them together!
On some of that "What's in your Wallet" type Shyt!
Here's a Team update, due  to an excessive criminal history and an out of control urge to be EXACTLY WHO I AM , It has been difficult to secure a traditional method of raising the funds to survive off of. Some people call it a  Job. But I refuse to let that obstacle stop theGoTeamLife from Becoming a     WORLD WIDE MOVEMENT!World Wide Movement! More Like A Concept! 
Its happening right now as we speak and My Daughters... the Original GoTeam are making this all happen by being my Support system along with that of All of Our Real Friends and Their real Friends,  Friends.  The Business Owners who have trusted us  with their Websites, those who have secured Consultations and others who have contacted , employed, and Assisted THE GO TEAM . Thank You All, but...
Its Now way bigger Than One Team can Handle...
so in conclusion
Information Broker  at Large...BE SEEN by Your Urban based Niche Market!