Wednesday, May 15, 2013

                            HEY NOW GOTEAMERS!

As long as we are talking about moving forward...

Lets review common connections within your community. How else do you form a bond with those who are like minded?

For instance, did you know that the woman down the street has been preparing taxes for her close personal friends for over 10 years?
but You drive across town, wasting gas, trusting a stranger who has no idea who you are, when you could be walking across the street.

OR DID you know that the neighbors next door have the Loudest "Herbal Essence" on the block because their cousin lives in Mendicino County and you Have to wait until after 9 pm until the Middle-man gets off work.

I'm just saying. Whatever you are lOOking for,  Check Your Own Backyard First!

Just keeping it real. the GoTeam Network Consists of local Businesses and Entertainers in areas which we have lived and who we formed a bond with and their friends friends friends friends...


alwaz available to join with you!!

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