Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to x Your $$$ ... part I


I wanted to express to The Go Team exactly what it takes to become wealthy, successful, and established in The New American Economy! (more on this later)

And I still will, only instead of just providing an interesting story and substanciating fact alone, I will describe my current situational truths to the letter. And share with the Team where we are going, how we are getting there And exactly Everything we can do Once we have arrived! GoTeam Lead by Example!


Lets face it, we are in The Credit Based Capital of the World! A credit score of 700+ defines whether you can or cannot have what you want at anytime...So they Say! Currently , according to all 3 credit bureaus and others who we aren’t aware of, I have a very disfuntional score somewhere between 300- 350. I know Damn!
I could lie and say that it was all medical bills like so many do but Honestly Speaking, I never had a fighting chance. Even at 18 SHERREKA CRENSHAW was not getting approved for a starter card. Ethnic Names do it all the Time, and a lack of financially based classes in the communities I have lived in. GOTEAM RECOLLECTION!

  • My car is a 2005 CHRYSLER PACIFICA financed at a 28% apr. (which is currently turned off!)

  • owe $160.00 on a 50.00 loan (they call everyday!)
  • $900.00 on another (they gave up and took it to the courts)
  • Approx 30,000 in defaulted student loans
  • 10,000 in back charged credit accounts (furniture and such)
  • leins on property and cars which I do not currently own but when I do they will try to seize!
  • ALL UTILITIES ARE OVER $200.00 X 3 and late.
  • Tax season is Over.. & Oh yeah, the water heater, HVAC, and Lights don’t work in the Apartment which I have been asked to leave due to lack of full rental payments! And Its All Good! GoTEAM Be Honest about your Financial situation!
So whats next...

Bankrupcy?=easy way out!

Standing by word+budgeting=No Shopping @ Salvation Army for at least 3 months! Whoa!
Todays Contacts:

  • Vehicle Finance Co: made arrangements for picking my $$ tree and paying them Friday
  • Loan#1 left a message for them to call and admitted fault! (acceptance)
  • Called property Owner to make awre of issues (respect for other peoples things)

 In Conclusion Team! I will record The GoTeam Life Reconstruction Project you are invited to Join!


Investigate what you read always!

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