Thursday, December 13, 2012

For The Lover in You...


Ever cross paths with a Lover you once had or had you? What were your initial reactions, do you feel embarrassed? Do you feel a tingle all over? Do you want them to address you in that special way that reminds you and them that there was a moment when you were both exposed to the secret places of each other? "HEY BEAUTIFUL!"
These are just a few questions to awaken THE LOVER IN YOU!

Now that I have your attention...

You see people, Love is all there is. It has the potential to drive you crazy which is actually a great place to be. Because once you are considered crazy you are no longer believing what others tell you to be true without adding in your own research, conclusions and sidebar comments. Now you are in the LOVE ENERGY and not only are you outside the box, but it DOES NOT EXIST TO YOU.

For instance, remember that LOVER from Back in the day? Yeah him or her, the one that just happened..Did you loose a best friend over them? Did you gain a friend in them? Does it really matter. Who makes the rules of Loving anyway? Are there any Rules? I THINK NOT!

Truth of the matter is, we are here to harness the ultimate Energy of the Universe , which is LOVE ITSELF, and use it for the POWER OF GOOD! The power is beyond you telling me who to share myself with, beyond judgements and most definately beyond boundaries. Allowing others to label you as a FREAK or LOOSE or a MANWHORE , only serves to stop your energy flow and make them feel better about their own  inhibitions which are holding them back.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should go around sleeping with everyone you find desirable, that would just be dangerous, and very draining. But on the contrary it is healthy to acknowledge how you do FEEL about that person at that moment. Even in the back of your mind.(SUBCONSCIOUS CONVERSATION WITH SELF!) Remind self that maybe in another lifetime you will cross paths or not but who cares , right now you feel good...like LOVE! ummmm!

Be aware of one sure fact about LOVE ENERGY ,  it is  EVERYTHING, just like GOTEAM!  ALWAYS BE IN LOVE , SHARING LOVE, LIVING LOVE, YOU ARE ONE WITH LOVE! see how easy that was, I got all caught up in the Love Energy Flow and I can't stop myself from being lit up all over! chuckle, chuckle.

Easy Exercise for The Lover in YOU!
Concentrate on anyone who has wrapped you in their Love . Don't worry about time frames, circumstances that brought it on or opinions on what should have been. Just recall the FEELINGS in your gut that were aroused while in the company of your Lover. Those feelings are what will build your POWER> YOU WANT THAT! 
Once you have those feelings churning, focus on your PASSION! respectfully, your GOTEAM DREAM! What you want to learn, who you want to be and accomplish, where your Loyalties lie.. SET GOALS and FOCUS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE YOU HAVE JUST OBTAINED FROM LOVE>

It always takes 2 or 3 to Tango
A Lover can only do what you allow them to do
and SAFETY 1st Always!


Book Reference: Excuse me, Your life is Waiting
Song Reference:Whatever You Want
Lovers Reference: The Air Sign :Thank You Brotha'
Future Reference: Today I will Love Myself 1st and it will spread  LOVE ENERGY TO THE MASSES!
Color Reference: RED: PASSION & FIRE

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