Monday, February 25, 2013

Who You Wit?


I'll explain a lil bit later. But before I get all lost in explaining the purpose of this post, I have to tell you about my Weekend.

It officially started Saturday night when I hopped into the CITY CAB #20. Half way home I realize I have left the most important bag of Goodies AT WORK. $8.00 to get it and I did not have it! No Phone, No relaxants, no oral gel, NO PENS! All of it at the Divas.

No time to panic, Ourdurves have to be prepared. So I stop at SuperMercado off Greenland and Middle Tennessee BLVD because that's the spot for it all! I picked up 3 lbs of jalapeno peppers, a 1/2 lb Churizo , 1 white onion, a bunch of cilantro, some easy crumble Mexican cheese, a fruit punch margaritaville, my lucky numbers 1313 and a piece of gum. Ladies Night In at 7pm, its now 5:30.

So I arrive, "OFF BENTLY, In Da Cul De Sac...OVA HERR, and I have to immediately get to a level where I can effectively communicate with women from a much different socio-economic background than my own, and I'm going to be stereotypically Late.

So while preparing the Peppers, Alex Clare blares through the TV set and I am Wayy Too Close to LOVE Vic Da Moan aka Senior aka THE HATER! So I get SuperHype and start to Slam dance to the Dubstep. and I know all the words!

I was jamming until, I stopped and my back was frozen in suspense. I layed down real slow in the middle of the living room, because my body could not comprehend what it has just done to itself. I am in the middle of the floor after just screaming and jumping around and I cannot move anything below my waist. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING. Now at that point, anyone who has ever Partied with me or witnessed me in my Zone, would have known that something is very wrong with this picture.

I cannot believe I threw my back out slam dancing and I did not catch this on camera.

Fast Forward...
Because I was ready for the Party , and I was not driving, I felt pain but a muted sort of throbbing pain. I can make it through the evening as long as I don't sober up! Im laying there on the floor in utter disbelief.
At the Party.. We pull up 1 hour late, and get out of the Truck. The hostess yells across her yard.."Who it be?"

I answer her appropriately..
 We are 1 hour late, We are loud and already feeling good, You know exactly who it is."THE BLACK PEOPLE!" Duh! You knew exactly who was pulling up. That statement might have set some people back a few millineum..but the truth is, EVERYONE KNOW THE PARTY DONT START UNTIL GOTEAM ARRIVES ANYWAY!

now that we are here, So glad I showed up.
This is where I was introduced to thirtyone. A Company for Women
I LEARNED the proper technique for enjoying a sip of Tequila, I saw several MaryKay makeovers, and It did it all with my back thown out in the Kitty Kat Flats from Divas in my new OcHarleys Jeans.

 DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR BACK on Saturday night when you have to Work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, well everyday at Creating Your Go Team Dream! It slows things down a bit!

So now that its Monday, Its now officially time to recover and Move Forward.

Soeul Sista Jewelry
The Ladies night out CREW OF Eventual Pink Hatters
and You !
The GoTeam Life Moves Ahead!

 As always
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