Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How is Your GoTeam life Coming Along?
(share a comment about it plzz)

Hello and Thank you for beginning to read this Posting. First and foremost I want to write on behalf of The Entire Team , that We Are Glad you are here too! 

GOTEAM! (jump up and Yell!)
Combing craigslist as i often do because its the New favorite pastime of many of Us, I came across a posting that absolutely need to be Shared...As Follows:

Before we state our Needs ,I want to share valuable information about the Team Members.
The youngest at the moment is an 18 years old female who is the newest member of The Atlanta Xplosion Womens Football Team! yeah GoTeam! And she needs a stable environment to Hone her Skills. Pick Your favorite Player to Sponsor!
The eldest of the 2 is an aspiring Future Owner of a Waffle House Inc Franchise, and she Requires Room to Intensify her Customer Service Skills
As the Matron of the Team, I am writing this request in order to Introduce you to my profession. I am an E-Entertainer who Supplies Real-Time Content to The New American Business Owner by use of video & audio mass produced across INTERNATIONAL E-Venues using a format which is Easily translated over various Socio-Economic Backgrounds. oh and I'm selling Luxury Cars Exclusively in Nigeria. (email carsbbwslove.ng@mail.com for inventory!)  Internet Access Is my Only Nessesity! GOTEAM!

And Lastly we have our Security Officer. Need I say More. (He's just Happy To be Here and never Ever likes a Filthy Environment)

All Working Adults. 

We are here in Metropolitan Atlanta for Many reasons but the Most urgent is to assist in The location of My Grandson who was kidnapped by his other Family and The Universe keep pulling us here for more reasons which cant be explained in words at this moment.

Our Livelihood is in jeopardy in the current area where we reside because we are located in an area of destitution where the Property Manager Disrespects Every Human Being on his property unless they are giving him his Prize  as Women and his Fix as men whatever it May be... Where the sewage is leaking from the toilet line under the Living space and the carpets are accumulating Mold by the Moment. And finally where The advertisement in the Thrifty nickle says 2 chairs and 1 table and the chair we have is broken. Are you serious @almost 775 a month in weekly payments on renewal date, under 300 sqft w/ all utilities excluding a sometimes signal from Clear! As long as you can deal with the Urine Infested carpets, unsanitary Cleaning practices where in 2 out of 3 rooms they never wiped the blood, boogers or bile off the walls. Thats Ok Thanks DJ (@djhomerd) for that bottle of HOSPITAL ONLY DISINFECTANT. They need to start all over and get a Better Solution for his Cleaning before placing people in rooms which are against Health Codes in this Municipality! 

Its takes everything in my fiber not to Say where this property is because if The Health Code Officials were to come in and Really Inspect without notice, There will be a multitude of Young Children and babies on the streets because they would have a limited amount of time to find somewhere else that would appreciate their hard earned money. However they GOT IT! DONT JUDGE The Books! So until we acquire the assets to purchase and renovate this Complex we will pass his Mean Ass on To Karma HERSELF!

We seek a weekly rental which can accomodate us. For a reasonable price. In addition to the agreed upon rental payments we can perform landscaping, painting, and design for your office, business, residences, and rooms. 


Now all im saying is if This can be a Goteam situation Everything Else Can Be Too! GoTeam Forever! #wewillmissmacredregradless! I KNOW RIGHT!


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