Tuesday, April 2, 2013


GoTeam Money Lovers!
Happy New Year and We have come to a point and Now its time to use it for the advantage of THE GOTEAM, YOUR TEAM IN 2013!

"Money is the Root of all evil", how many times have you heard that? and Who have you heard it from? those who don't have any , right?

Truth is, Being without money is the root of all Evil! When people lack the ability to live Freely and do exactly what they want to do, They resort to evil tactics to make that change towards having more money.. meaning they do something extreme to get it! Which most likely results in a loss of money for those who have obtained financial leave-way. The business owners, the professional atheletes, the entertainers, the lawyers and the list goes on, in other words, those who appear to live the Good Life, like You!

That being explained...You have money to be Yourself with, and yet you still commit a crime against humanity? You kill your own humanity by not living, just existing in a perpetual series of schedules and meetings. Would you waste money on nothings and nomatters? Then why is your Money not giving you the life you drove yourself to find?

And furthermore, Could you honestly say that what you do for your money and with your money is for the Power of Good? Good Living?, Good Eating?, Good Sharing?, Good Loving? (chuckle, chuckle)

Is your money or lack there of affecting how you live?

Money can affect our lives in such a way that we loose focus, purpose and drive so we steadily cruise through life just being successful without true happiness or unsuccessful and wanting. Barely living merely existing...WHY?
"Its hard out here, tax cuts killing my bottom line, my dog is sick, my man gets in my way, my board of directors wont sign, my woman wont clean, my life-partner is selfish and unsupportive" All valid Excuses which you made up to Lie out of the ticket you deserved to get which will cost you Money.

The universe has charged you for parking on the DanceFloor and slammed the door on your foot! You have stopped driving your own Vehicle! Your Life is the vessel which your Soul has been given to travel in at this Point in Time! And its time you put YOUR KEYS into the ignition and start Driving Your Life Forward! Stop wasting Money on bad decisions! Stop being without Money. ASK ME MORE....

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